Training of Trainers in Rawalpindi and Nowshera to Promote Sustainable Living

Training of Trainers in Rawalpindi and Nowshera to Promote Sustainable Living

Empowering Communities:

Successful TOTs in Rawalpindi and Nowshera Promote Sustainable Living

In a bid to foster sustainable living practices, the month of December witnessed transformative Training of Trainers (TOTs) in both Rawalpindi and Nowshera cities under the PUCCAR Project. The trainings, led by the Executive Director, Ms. Almas, brought together enthusiastic women from these cities to undergo a comprehensive two-day training program.

The primary focus of the TOTs was to empower the selected women with the skills and knowledge required for effective Solid Waste Management, a crucial component of the PUCCAR Project. The participants, chosen for their active and passionate approach, were immersed in hands-on sessions on compost-making and underwent assessments to enhance their general knowledge of recycling practices.

Ms. Almas, as the lead trainer, guided the women through the intricacies of compost production and shared valuable insights on the broader aspects of recycling. The training sessions weren't just theoretical; the participants were actively engaged through presentations, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

The PUCCAR Project aims to address critical aspects of community development, with Solid Waste Management being a pivotal component. The objective is to equip individuals with the skills to manage waste effectively, contributing to a cleaner environment and improved community well-being.

As the training concluded, these newly-minted trainers are now poised to extend their knowledge to their own communities. Armed with the ability to teach others about compost-making and sustainable practices, these empowered women are set to make a significant impact on their communities. The ripple effect is expected to create a network of self-sufficient households, promoting food security and enhancing overall community resilience.

The success of the TOTs in Rawalpindi and Nowshera marks a significant step towards achieving the goals of the PUCCAR Project. The dedication and passion exhibited by the participating women highlight the potential for positive change and community development through education and empowerment. As these trainers step into their communities, they embody the spirit of progress and sustainability, fostering a brighter and more resilient future for all.