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Shehersaaz is a civil society initiative aimed to make the urban and suburban settlements of Pakistan safer, resilient, sustainable, inclusive, and humane. Shehersaaz undertakes research, identifies problems, and offers and demonstrates solutions for addressing the challenges being faced by urban and sub-urban areas of Pakistan.   O... Read more
Pakistan is facing a multitude of social and environmental issues of gigantic magnitudes and complex dimensions. However, many of these issues are linked with citizen’s routine behaviors and their attitudes towards society, the places they inhabit and the natural environment. Shehersaaz believes that these issues can be addressed t... Read more
Shehersaaz signed MoU with “City University”, Peshawar – 31st January 2018 On 31st January 2018 , following its philosophy of building partnerships for sustainable development in Pakistan, Shehersaaz has signed an MoU with “City University Peshawar” to cooperate in areas of Research, Capacity Building, an... Read more
To fill the dire need for quality literature on development themes in general and urban development in particular; Shehersaaz has established its own publishing arm – The Sheher Publications. The most recent publications include:   Planning and Development Options for Karachi ‘Planning and Development Options for Karachi... Read more
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