Shehersaaz envisions a Pakistan having its cities and other human settlements as places where humans, and natural and built environment exist and thrive in harmony. This means these should be places that are:

  • Resilient to natural and human made disasters and freer from safety risks, conflicts and crimes;
  • Physically functional and aesthetically appealing;
  • Cohesive to natural environment and responsive to climate;
  • Socially inclusive, culturally vibrant and tolerant to diversity;
  • Economically efficient and equitable;
  • Designed, planned, managed and governed with best practices.



Shehersaaz’s mission is to become a specialized and dedicated civil society organization with a spirit, knowledge, experience; and technical, financial and human resources to strive for its vision and to effectively and meaningfully contribute to making cities and other human settlements of Pakistan liveable, inclusive, humane, compassionate, safe, resilient and sustainable by working in collaboration with citizens, communities, private sector, government and other stakeholders. In short it will be a ‘Trust of Cities and Citizens’.