Project for Urban Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience


Pakistan is included in the list of those countries which are deemed highly vulnerable to climate change, although it is not a significant greenhouse gas emitter. According to official demographic statistics, more than 1/3rd population of Pakistan resides in urban areas, and this population is rapidly increasing at a pace much faster than national population growth rate. Pakistan is one of the fastest urbanizing nations in South Asia. While urban areas are expanding and especially their inner/older parts are getting denser; their social, economic, administrative and environmental issues are also getting more and more complex. Climate change is further complicating this situation in shape of flooding, water scarcity, heatwaves and disease outbreaks in urban areas. 

Overall Objective

The overall project objective is to enhance community, local and national-level urban climate change resilience to water scarcity, caused by floods and droughts in Rawalpindi and Nowshera. 

Project Donor

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Implementing Entity

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Executing Entities

Project Activities

in 200 Union Councils
in 200 Neighborhood Councils
200 Rain Water Harvesting Units Installed
200 Litre Water Stored
in 200 Months
200 Beneficiaries
data last updated on 2024-03-31