1. To further the welfare of people and their communities by making cities and other human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, sustainable, convenient, equitable, healthful, efficient and attractive for present and future generations;
  2. To promote the conservation, protection and enhancement of the natural and built environments;
  3. To promote the sustainable management and use of natural resources and the culture of sustainable consumption and production;
  4. To promote the means by which the effects of public and private decision- making that relates to physical, social and economic changes and development properly reflects the stated and agreed values and aspirations of the communities affected by them;
  5. To improve the resilience of communities and urban and rural human settlements to climate change and natural and human-made hazards and disasters;
  6. To work with government, communities, and other stakeholders for achievement of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are relevant to Shehersaaz’s mandate; and implementation of New Urban Agenda (Habitat III); Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, Paris Agreement on Climate Change; and other relevant international conventions and covenants signed or ratified, as the case may be, by Government of Pakistan.



In pursuing the above goals, the objectives of Shehersaaz shall be:

  1. To advance and promote the theory and practice of Urban and Regional Planning and Management;
  2. To promote participatory community development techniques and practices for sustainable urban and regional development and management;
  3. To utilize a suitable mixture of scientific findings, technological advancements and indigenous knowledge in current and future Urban and Regional Development and Management practices and policies;
  4. To focus greater attention on the development of marginalized and previously unnoticed and unheard sections of urban communities;
  5. To provide technical assistance and advice to the agencies currently involved in or their mandate or work is relevant to the process of Urban and Regional Planning, Development and Management. Such agencies may include federal and provincial planning and development agencies, local government institutions, private firms, NGOs, CBOs and community initiatives;
  6. To gather, analyse and disseminate the information and knowledge of emerging issues of importance and problem solving techniques that have direct or indirect relevance to sustainable urban and regional development and management;
  7. To undertake research, policy advocacy, awareness, training, development, welfare and humanitarian projects and programs for the achievement of Shehersaaz’s goals;
  8. To provide a common and effective forum and platform for urban and regional planners, architects, engineers, social scientists, community leaders and representatives, government institutions, national and international organizations and above all, the concerned citizens who have stake in the process of urban and regional planning, development and management;
  9. To establish a training institute/Centre of Excellence to provide training to concerned stakeholders for the promotion of sustainable urban and regional development and management.