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Planning and Development Options for Karachi

‘Planning and Development Options for Karachi’ is a compilation of articles contributed over the years in Daily Dawn by Arif Hasan, Pakistan’s internationally known architect, urban planner and teacher. This compilation is an effort by Shehersaaz (City Makers) to address the acute scarcity of quality urban literature with special reference to Pakistan by making these articles available in the form of a book for students, teachers, policy makers, social activists, development practitioners and those who opt to think and struggle for humanising the urban places we live in.

Published by arrangement with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations by Shehersaaz

ISBN No. 978 969 9386 00 8. Pages: 154. Price: PKR. 300
book 02 Incomplete Notes in development practice small

Incomplete Notes in Development Practices

A collection of articles written for young development practitioners by Mansoor Ali between 2008 and 2011. These articles were written during his country visits for Practical Action, based on his lectures and reflective notes that he prepared after working with or listening to other development practitioners. The title Incomplete Notes… reflects the open-ended nature of development issues. Most of the articles are deliberately left open-ended as the author believes that the thinking process in development practice needs to be an on-going exercise, with continuous debate and engagement and with no blue-prints and prescriptions.

ISBN No. 978 969 9386 03 9. Pages: 75. Price: PKR. 250
book 03 muqami aur dehi elaqoN mein rozgaar ki farahmi small

Rural Transport and Traction Enterprises for Improved Livelihood (Urdu Translation)

THIS BOOKLET IS TARGETED AT PUBLIC AND PRIVATE ADVISORY INSTITUTIONS PROVIDING SUPPORT TO RURAL COMMUNITIES, in particular advisers involved with developing and enhancing revenue-generating rural enterprises for farmers. The booklet focuses on promoting transport and traction services as a viable diversification enterprise for smallholder farmers and others in rural areas. It considers the benefits that can arise from such enterprises, not only to smallholders themselves, but also to local communities in overall terms through increased productivity, improved and faster marketing, better mobility and reduced drudgery. For transport enterprises the focus of the booklet is on land-based farm to main road linkages, since this is the most critical for smallholder commercial

Published by arrangement with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations by Shehersaaz

ISBN No. 978 969 9386 02 2. Pages: 95. Price: PKR. 250
book 04 Planning and Designing Rural Markets ( Urdu Translation) small

Planning and Designing Rural Markets ( Urdu Translation)

This guide is intended to provide a step-by-step approach to the planning, design and construction of simple rural markets. Whether the market is to be built by national or local government, by donors, by a local community or privately, the assistance of extension departments, planners and rural engineers will be required. Such assistance is likely to include:

  • identifying marketing problems and needs;
  • helping with selection of market sites;
  • planning, implementing and operating effective market improvement activities; and
  • following up and evaluating the results of the development.
ISBN No. 978 969 9386 01 5. Pages: 134. Price: PKR. 250


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