Ain Amal


Pakistan is facing a multitude of social and environmental issues of gigantic magnitudes and complex dimensions. However, many of these issues are linked with citizen’s routine behaviors and their attitudes towards society, the places they inhabit and the natural environment.

Shehersaaz believes that these issues can be addressed to considerable extent by making citizens slightly modify their daily habits and routines. This modification can be brought by offering alternatives to citizens and creating mass awareness and sensitization.   

Numerous policies and plans have been developed in Pakistan during previous years to reduce the environmental pollution but the country has witnessed very minimal results of these measures. With the passage of time our social health has suffered with multiple problems from our environmental consciousness to environmental ethics. An important reason is that our life style is facing different environment harming changes due to which every citizen is under a constant fear of unknown environmental hazards. The important point to realize is that we all are equally responsible, together with our government institutions, for these environment harming changes.

Let’s get together, all of us, and instead of blaming each other, perform one by one, step by step towards our own betterment. Shehersaaz invites you to join hands and participate in a joint national environmental awareness campaign which is called “Ain Amal”.

Let’s be a part of this public campaign and create a clean and pleasant environment in our streets, towns, villages, and cities for ourselves and our children. This is not only my campaign, not only yours; this is our campaign for all of us.

ایک ” نا ” ، سو سکھ

One “No” can bring hundreds of comforts

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